Following The AIDA Model In Writing a Career Objective

Can writing a career objective come easy to those who are proficient with language and communications? That, however, does not hold water. The mere use of words even when it can flow among those who are proficient is not really the only thing needed to compose a career objective.

Writing an objective bear practical importance that is why it is taught in schools; in some it can be as early as Grade 10.Around this age, many students from low-income families or those with modest income start working to pay for their school. These basic lessons are reinforced in English courses in college. Many professionals find difficulty in writing one because most of them did not see the practical relevance of learning it while in school. Ironically, the importance of these lessons on writing a career objective is only realized once writing one is at hand already.

A career objective is a succinct, crisp, simple and honest statement of one’s reason for applying to a job.The prominent position of the objective in the Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) emphasizes its critical value. It is generally found on the first page right after the Personal Identifying Information. It is, in a way, introducing the body of the Resume. It cannot be long because that will burn the interest of the ones processing the application but must give some interesting highlights to keep the enthusiasm. The academic highlights, honors, skills and proficiencies, and related experiences are expected to be included in the information in the resume.

Much credit goes to the writing approach of the career objective to catch the “Attention” of the hiring authorities to the details of the application. The flesh of the resume can keep their “Interest” to “Desire” to learn more about the job seeker. Such can only be completely satisfied, with a corresponding “Action” that they need to make. An interview validates the information and the many other things that employers want the applicants to provide.

Utilizing the “AIDA” model can improve one’s writing a career objective. What remains after everything has been said and done is to show these hiring authorities that you have the character and the ability to work with others.


Career Objective Examples That Work

Uncomplicated, succinct, brief, and related to the post – these make a fine career objective. It must occupy a position of prominence such as at the beginning of the resume. That will definitely make it noticed right away without too much difficulty. This sets and communicates to the prospective employer one’s expectations and plans. There must be a connection between the objective and the rest of the resume. There are many career objective examples from the internet that interested people can use as a model. Learn to write good career objective by reading good examples and by practicing writing one’s own. The drafted career objective can be validated by asking former peers to look at it for critiquing and positive development.

In developing the career objective, one must make sure that it is in line with the academic background and skills. When the career objective is not in line with one’s competencies, doubts can be raised. In fact, many career objective examples will show that pursuing a career in the profession is mandatory being the first element of a good career objective. “To develop a foundation for professional growth with opportunities to build up a long-term career in _________” is a good example.

Knowing one’s entry level is critical as it is implied in the objective. One must not sound too ambitious when the application connotes an entry level to give the employer some elbow room. “To improve my proficiencies in a dynamic and established work environment” is a good model. If the entry is senior level, the application must manifest a certain air of confidence as one underscores the capacity to help the company in pursuing its objectives and one’s own. “To apply my skills in every way possible to assist the company accomplish its vision and goals” is a good career objective example along this line.

Do you still need more career objective examples to help you practice drafting one? There are a great deal of examples one may access from the Internet. One word of caution though; do not forget to be honest when you express your real objectives.

Making Effective Career Objective Statement

“Professional Objective”, “Objective”, “Career Objective” or “Career Goals” all mean the same thing. A career objective statement is a declaration of one’s interest in a job in line with the career plan. This is frequently written at the topmost part of the first page of the application documents to capture the interviewer’s attention.

Perhaps, one of the hardest things to do when preparing application requirements for a job is the career objective statement. This piece of information can be enough to make or break the opportunity. It is common for the interviewers to take notice of the career objectives especially the ones that are well-thought and prepared. It is therefore not surprising that such is given importance as well as its writing strategy.

Knowing the purpose of the statement is important to make writing of a career objective statement easier. One must be honest and must not try to complicate the statement by misleading the prospective employers. It should drive home one’s prfessional identity, capabilities and one’s fitness for the work position. It should also be able to present one’s career plan to show the relevance of connection. The statement must also be specific regarding what one wants and can do. It must not appear too as general or “canned” that applies to every job.

career-objectives-statementsThe sincerity and optimism must be infused in the career objective as these will render the statement potent. Being overqualified and having fixed sets of norms and cultures are not the traits that potential employers want in their applicants or employees. Employers generally prefer to have employees whose interest is to grow as the company grows so that gives no pressure on the part of the company. They also want to see employees to rise from the ranks before bigger responsibilities are assigned.

Anyone who needs to draft a career objective statement need to understand first its purpose and what expectations are set as it is dished out. If it has been written with truthfulness, it is something that can be easily made a part of one’s life. If the content is the concern, one may get samples from the Internet that can serve as a format. The best one is always one writes from the heart.

What Makes An IT Career Objective Powerful

“A position allowing me to utilize my knowledge and expertise in different areas.” If the intention is to write an IT career objective, will this suffice? Career objective statements like these have no substance and too vague. It does not say anything about the position being applied for, the kinds of knowledge and skills one has, and which area one is referring to. If the applicant is an IT graduate, how must one write the career objective?

An individual’s career objective is a declaration that precedes the resume and contain vital intents pertaining to capabilities, academic background, work and other experiences. It is the first thing that hiring authorities read which stresses its significance. In cases when there are just too many applicants or the hiring is harried, this piece of information can make a world of difference with its crisp information. This means that if companies will cut corners, this IT career objective can be the sole basis for the interview and even hiring.

Stating the desired position is important as well as supporting this with the necessary technical skills particularly in areas like IT. The jobseeker must concisely cite the technical skills of the applicant like systems development and analysis, software development, knowledge in the use of relevant programs and software, and other skills relevant to the position applied. Include also relevant skills like web design and animation. Important keywords like “quantitative and mathematical proficiency” or “technical support specialist” creates good impact on employers.

College and Career Ready in the 21st CenturyIt is best if one can find out the skills needed by the IT company before preparing the career objective to make it more appropriate. The application can be declined if the qualification is above average when the need is for an entry level. Likewise, positions requiring expertise and special proficiencies cannot be satisfied by menial entry level qualification. Matching the skills with the needs is important.

An IT career objective just like other career objectives is a powerful strategy to be shortlisted for interview and eventually to be hired. Despite using templates, personalize it and be honest.

Marketing Career Objective Showcases Communication Facility

“A dime a dozen” that about describes the multitude of marketing degree graduates. It explicitly underlines the fact that there is such a high level of competition where filling of marketing positions is concerned. Such potential competition is neutralized by the high level of demand for marketing graduates. Making a good head start works quite well and having an impressive marketing career objective is indeed strategic.

Where job openings require marketing professionals, expect a deluge of applicants, expect entry level where you need to start from square one and expect a menial salary for a start. The sales quotas of marketing companies are met when the sales personnel work hard. Thus, they also make fast promotions and salary increases when the applicant, once hired, proves capable and an asset to the company. The days of Internet technology ushered many trials and complications in the field of marketing. To get to face these challenges, however, one need to be hired first and that means having a good career objective.

Yuppies with related academic background or experiences and with good skills in oral communication are highly preferred by many marketing corporations. Marketing can entail tedious labor especially where product promotion is concerned like in the marketing of pharmaceutical products. Thus, along with the background, the potential candidates must exhibit communication proficiency, social skills, personality and right attitude as well. The best way to judge such skills is through the interview as well as an assessment of the way the marketing career objective has been written.

For those aspiring to land a supervisor or manager position, there is a need to include the experiences as well. A relevant experience never fails to make the application more impressive. Entry level positions only require applicants to have the basic skills, personality and attitude needed to be hired. The willingness to travel or to work in another state is a plus. Applicants who can manifest creativity and cunning ability to be aggressive, without being abrasive, to prevail in a “dog-eats-dog” kind of world is always welcome.Are you writing a marketing career objective? If you can exhibit writing and communicating skill through this piece of statement, the job is in the bag.